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  • Brings advocacy and awareness efforts and opportunities to coalition members and our communities.
  • Connects with local, regional, and federal policymakers.
  • Works to strengthen the public will at the grassroots level to advocate for the well-being of children and families.

Goals for 2021:

  1. To track funding in the legislature and create a plan to find ways to reach out to the legislators, county, and city.
  2. To have a coordinated strategy for communication.
    • The coordinated strategy should be a larger discussion for the group as a whole.
    • The planning and details should be done in a separate advocacy meeting.
  3. To create a social media push or coordinate a call-plan for our legislators.
    • Early learning is only 1% of the budget but it has a deep impact on our families and young children.
  4. To make decisions about how often advocacy meetings should occur.
  5. To hold an Early Learning Fair(s) in Summer or Fall 2021, if possible.

Collaborates and increases coordination of home visiting and early intervention services across programs, beginning prenatally.

Goals for 2021

  1. To continue to meet monthly as an Action Team.
  2. To meet and discuss our return to home visiting post-COVID.
    • Questions about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assure families are comfortable with us returning to their homes.
  3. To facilitate referrals with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DYCF).

Connects families to health resources by educating our communities on social, emotional, and physical health, including developmental screenings.

Goals for 2021

  1. To coordinate with a Help Me Grow/ Ayúdame a Crecer Central WA work group.
  2. To share information about State-of-the-Community with developmental assessments.
    • The state is currently working on a registry for developmental assessment data.
  3. To share information on immunization status and need to stay current.
  4. To review child health indicators quarterly.

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Help Me Grow/Ayúdame a Crecer Central WA - April Meeting

Date: April 6, 2021 | 10:30 am

April Meeting Materials

  • Supports and enhances children’s learning and development by equipping families as a child's first and most important teachers and advocates.
  • Connects families to early learning opportunities that support child development, school readiness, and family wellness.

Goals for 2021

  1. To integrate technology into connecting with families.

  • Collaborates to build an adequate and well-prepared early learning workforce by providing professional development and pre-service opportunities.
  • Facilitates coordination between programs for prenatal through preschool-aged children and P-12 by collaborating on professional development opportunities, sharing best practices, and creating advocates for early learning within the P-12 system.

Goals for 2021

  1. To hold a Regional Early Learning Conference (1 day).
    • August 2021 – virtual conference.
  2. To hold an anti-racism training (similar to DCYF offerings).
  3. To uphold and enhance educational pathways.
  4. To host virtual trainings.


  • Sets the Coalition’s priorities: oversees support staff and reviews and oversees the budget, action plans, and agenda.
  • Additional information about the role and structure of the executive committee is listed in the Coalition charter.

  • Identifies the Executive Committee candidates and committee members, helps to ensure adequate and diverse representation in all committees, evaluates the nominating process annually, and manages the voting process.

Coalition members in Olympia for Washington Communities for Children Advocacy Day, January 2020
Blossoms Early Learning Center, Yakima, WA